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    Lucky 2 Potion - is it working?


    This may seem a weird thought, but I'm wondering if the Lucky 2 Potions are still working? Maybe there have passed there use by date (haha)?

    I have played this game for a few years (that sounds sad!), and it used to be that using a Lucky 2 always resulted in a 5 star fish plus other good quality fish, with less of the 1 star fishes. However, over the past few months, this seems to have changed, I have taken several boat trips without a 5 star fish being caught. My last boat trip which was just for sharks (again), I only caught 20 sharks in 15 minutes form 160 shark lures, (my usual amount is 30 sharks) and that was with a magic watch, blue radar and Lucky 2 potion, very disappointing!

    I have spoken to a Fishao friend, and she doesn't often catch a 5 star with Lucky 2 nowadays either.

    Does anybody find this is the case?


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    I can insure you that the lucky potion 2 is working and are not tampered with
    And your boat trip when you caught 20 sharks. Must have been bad luck with hooking the fishes.
    So i wish you good luck in your next hunt

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    I agree. Luck potion does not work. Used to get more 4 and 5 star fish on the boat at sea tournament. But only get mostly 1 and 2 star fish. Even 3 star fish is rare.
    And in Lost world, so rare to catch 5 star with potion. I only need the giant ray. Strange, but I have caught 5 star in lost world as many times without potion as I have with potion. 5 gold coins for potion is a waste.

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    Ya it is not working


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    In my experience Luck Potion #2 works only some of the time. Recently I fished with watch/radar with LP2 and got only 1 4 star fish in 15 minutes, next LP2 I used got about 6 or 7 4 star fish, sometimes they work very well and you can get 10+ 4 star fish per LP2. Other times they seem to not activate for 5 minutes or so because no 4 star fish are caught for the first 5 minutes or so, other times they activate right away. The other day I was fishing with LP2 and blue radar and 3 mins into the LP2 after catching a couple 4 star fish, the blue radar changed spots and for the next 12 minutes with LP2, watch, and blue radar I didn't catch even 1 more 4 star fish.

    There is certainly a bug with the LP2 potions, either the game makers are unaware of it which seems to be unlikely given they know far more about the game than we do, or more likely the bug is known but will cost a substantial amount of money to fix it and it is not worth the cost of doing so since Adobe will be killing the flash player in 2020.

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    Please, fix the error, wait 2 years and nothing has been done.
    Once again, I bought a boat using the II elixir, blue radar, clock, no fishing 5 *, 60-70% fish 1 *
    using the elixir II, blocking the fish to catch the bait as there is no fish 1 *, as in the club, the beach to catch fish, only a few fish without fish 5 *

    I am using a translator, please fix the error.....Irena57


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