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    Be fair to fishers largest fish catch in events

    Is there a reason why a player who catches a largest fish in any event and then gets beat out by someone who ties it?
    The purpose of largest fish is for someone to beat that particular catch that is caught.Example...if one catches a fish 242 cm like the current event and then someone ties it..why should the 1st catch be penalized? Their fish didn't get beat.If the game is set up where the lower level player trumps the higher...that isn't really fair.Please put this is consideration on maybe changing the format.
    Last time I checked everyone's money was the same color... GREEN!!!
    Below is an actual rule in a fishing derby

    D. In the case of ties, the first logged fish weighed will be awarded the higher prize.

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    Yes that is a thing we have in our mind.. What the best would be etc..

    And i have had the same situation my self many times

    Thanks for your quite angry post. But for sure reasonable..

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    lol...I didn't plan on my message coming off to be angry.I was merely trying to explain how its done in real life is all.


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