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    Ben's fishing rod

    When Ben asks "where's my rod?", we should be able to find it for him, and give it back.

    Like Ben's coin, everyone who talks to him should get the quest.

    Like the fish bones, it should be in a different place for each player.

    How hard the task should be, and how well-rewarded, I'll leave to the devs.

    Maybe get some bugs for it? I never seem to have enough bugs...

    Maybe make it usable, granting access to a unique area for as long as it lasts?
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    When Ben say get out of my way what we do

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    That's a good idea....Maybe hide it behind a tree in Laketown, and then get a coin or so many casts with his rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahil28 View Post
    When Ben say get out of my way what we do
    you go away to avoid getting banned

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    When he says, "Where is my Rod?" We should be able to loan him ours and he can do 5 casts (and it can take our energy if you all want) and see what he gets with it.


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