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    Question difference between artificial bait


    I've noticed that in the shop you can by for example
    a wobbler (500 throws) for 10 fishcoins,
    a wobbler (250 throws) for 10 fishcoins
    a Pilker (500 throws) for 20 fishcoins.

    My question is, what advantages does the wobbler
    of 250 throws for 10 fc have over the wobbler
    with 500 throws for 10 fc?
    Why does the Pilker with 500 throws cost 20 fc,
    while the wobbler with 500 throws costs only 10 fc.

    Is there any difference between the types of artificial bait?

    Because I can't find anything about that anywhere.

    Thank you so much,



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    Well i guess it´s up to you to fish and find out then

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    So I guess there's no dfference, but the price.

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    in my experience i can tell you that i can't find any difference between those baits... but the one that cost 20 coins have been more helpful for me in tournaments.

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    That's interesting, how have they been more helpful. Have you had more luck with better fish?


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