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    Lightbulb Mummy's Mini Game

    I have been so creative today I thought of another idea for Fishao like there is bob's mini-game there should be a Mummy's mini game in Mystic Desert . All the people shall push the mummys behind the pyramid and they should wake up and start killing people , the one who managed to survive should win and get a prize of 100 energy.The only way to kill the mummys should be throwing the fishes that we had caught while fishing.The fishes would eat the mummys and kill them.The most helpful fish in this situation would be sharks and piranhas and all those fishes which have sharp teeth to kill mummys and if we have no fish left then we lose and mummys kills us.The game should be playable after every 2/3 or 1 week.I chosed energy as the prize becuase there are already many ways to earn FC and FB but there are very few ways to earn energy , so that would be great.And one last thing the mummys should not be active just after we push them they should be active after 10 or 20 seconds and to make it even more better and interesting we should throw the fishes with a gun called Fish Blasters or what ever you think that would be great,like there is big variety of fishing rods,there should be a variety of fish blasters(not that big as rods) and becuase its just a mini game the fish blasters should cost from 2-10 FC or 1K-3K FB , it shall not be as expensive as rods and should not have limited throws it should be unlimited as its just a mini game.The thing that would differentiate the blasters price would be there design/color and there maximum radius in which they will be able to shoot the fishes.The fish blasters should be trade-able and wear-able--just carrying it on our back side like snipers.I know its a lot to read but I think it would be interesting and fun

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    Well that was an for say the least, odd idea

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    I was just trying to make these dead bodies of some use than just lying on that desert's land

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    You might find it strange but it would be fun.If you think its a bit too much then you can drop the idea of wearing the blasters on the back.
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    How about the mummies wake up and walk into the lake in
    Mystic Desert, then, for a limited amount of time, you
    can try and fish for the mummies.
    Bait could be fish bones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubblebee View Post
    How about the mummies wake up and walk into the lake in
    Mystic Desert, then, for a limited amount of time, you
    can try and fish for the mummies.
    Bait could be fish bones.
    and what shall we get?

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    The mummy :

    - is an extra effective bait for the pyramid.

    - gives you unlimited energy for a certain
    ammount of time.

    - curses you and takes away all your energy.

    - doubles the amount of fish you have in your inventory.

    - ...

    There could be more mummy options.
    Every mummy comes with a different use or curse.
    You never know and have to take your chances

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    I like that idea UmerK great idea


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