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    Red face Improve fishbox prize

    could u improve fishbox prize
    i mean its always 7 energy, bait, 7 energy, bait xD
    pls imrpove it

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    And what things does you have in mind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djearthquake View Post
    And what things does you have in mind?
    Somethin' Like (2, 4, 6 .... 10) Fishcoins Whould Be Fun And Whould Make The Fishboxes Worth More And Competetive
    And You Can Also Increase The Rate Of Getting The Current Rare Items Like Level Up??
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    Ok.. Good share your thoughts. Maybe they come true or something similar. The game is for the players. Therefore it´s good to hear your thoughts as well too For future improvements....

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    yea fch and lvl up is good

    hope this idea will ccccme up soon
    thnx ^^


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