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    Atlantic Mackerel

    I'm trying to catch the Atlantic Mackerel.
    It's only a three star fish, but it's only available this month (March), from what I understand. And also only from the boat in Seagull.
    Anyone caught it yet this year?
    I've been out on the boat twice already, but no luck.
    Not sure if it's caught in a special area, like near a buoy or at a specific time. So, if you have caught it please do let me know where and when.
    I'll do the same if I finally catch it.
    Heading out for a third trip now.


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    hello, so I know it is always active, I for example: I have gotten it quite at dawn, you can try at that time too, change your spindle! Good luck and have a good day.

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    Thanks Leo.
    It seems it was third time lucky!
    Caught it near the middle buoy at 9:15pm my time.
    I was also lucky and caught my first Chilhuil Sea Catfish. So two new fish on my fishdex.

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    No problem, cool, congratulations on the fish.


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