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    Lost Account/Progress

    Hi, I hope I am posting this in the proper location if not I apologize ahead of time.

    The situation is this. My wife plays fishao through and recently when she logged in she'd lost all her progress in the game and has lost all her purchased items. We're unclear as to how to fix the issue and I contacted bigfishgames and they directed me to you as the developer of the game. This only happened recently when she logged in and it asked her for a user name. Any help you can give us to resolve the matter would be greatly appreciated. She has made several purchases of in-game items and she would like to have access to said items again as well as her progress restored to where it was.

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    Hi that sounds like no fun at all. But for checking it up we should need her game nickname. At least to start with. With out that we don´t even know who it is that are having problems

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    Her current user name is rqn6 but that is the wrong acct as its only 3 days old (apparently created when this issue happened) as to her old user name that's where the rub comes in as she doesn't remember what it was or thought that this was it. I have copies of all receipts of purchases she's made for the game if that helps. All she ever did was log into Big fish games site and click on fishao game.

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    Write me a personal message with all things you know .And all information you can gather.. And for that matter if she have any friends in the Bigfish server they should have her as a friend. And have her name... That can help us.
    But it sounds really weird if i shall be frank.


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