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Thread: Fish updates

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    Fish updates

    Can all the fishes be updated with the proper ways to catch them.There are many fish that were once timed/seasonal that are now all the time.Case in point...the current event wants you to catch a European Sea Sturgeon.
    Fishaowiki states a June-Feb seasonal catching heading,yet some have been caught,so I take it it's always now..
    Also...I checked out Fishao CZ and in that states it must be caught on the boat....yet I've caught all 3 of mine from the pier.

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    Hi Hawk,

    First, thank you for let us know but the Wiki can not be perfect and may contain errors unfortunately... You have to know that he is completed according to the information that the players give us so it's only with the help of the community that we can improve it. We will correct that as soon as possible!

    I confirm you that the European Sea Sturgeon is active all year, without specific time and you can caught it on Seagull Harbor on the pier or on the boat.

    Good luck!

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    Hi hawk261830,

    What Elltharis is saying is correct. Thanks for the input about European Sea Sturgeon. The data will be updated on the wiki

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    Ty both for responding to my post so swiftly. I stand corrected on the CZ site as it says both (Seagull Harbor,Seagull Harbor (Boat) ) someone had pointed out my error for me.Also Ty Elltharis for clearing up the Sea Sturgeon.being always.I just didn't want to waste valuable baits catching it.
    thanks again


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