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    Fishao senegalese

    Hi I am a player fishao and I have a problem I want to buy fishcoins with my phone by message but on the game can not do message to Senegal even if I click on the + of fishcoins and I click my country Senegal I not see SMS I see that PayPal and credit card would you please help US we want to buy fishcoins putting a day our country with purchase message thank you

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    Some countries have that option and some not. The same with the rest of the payment options. It is as you say depending on from what country you are paying from. If you have paypal or credit card as options then you must use someone of them.

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    No me I have no paypal or credit card I have a phone and a chip in and credit but the game does not allow me to buy by SMS message but other African countries like Morocco s you can update it by setting the Senegalese country by sms we have orange chips

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    Of course can i not know all countries payment ways. If you want you can send a form to this address:

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    yes administrator but as it is I who asks you for help but please look at the payment methods of the Senegalese country and you increase the modes of payment sms by phone credit like Morocco and other countries please make all your possibilities

    Thank you my friend i send my message in this adress
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