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    Lightbulb Houssam

    Hi all i just got this idea and i think should be easy to make it (hope so).
    As most high lvl players + they got Lost Valley badge they know realy well Houssam who stays at Mystic Desert offers rare fossils. The idea is to make him offers 3 fossils (like Rex offers 3 fish for breed) insted of 1. The fossils could be in a form like Breeder Rex at backyard fish. Fossils could have shape as the like the Megalodon fossil at the Palm Island when shark apears. Fossils will have prizes of course and players can buy them only with fishcoins (wish for fishbucks hehe) one or all of them. This idea come cause is very hard to get a rare fossil from game and from other players. So i think if players want to get them the easy go and buy them from the Houssan. Happy fishing to all. Regards Dimdalax

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    Great idea Dim.....also....if one would buy 1 of the 3 fossils,the other 2 would vanish for a week like it does already right?

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    tyvm hawk hope they do little change on that to have little help for all of us

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    Thanks for the idea!
    We will see if anything like that will be implemented in the game
    Have a nice fishing day.


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