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    ip ban or error [help asap]

    Hello my user name in fishao is lost_silver and i think ive been ip banned idont know why i didnt do anything bad i know i been fullban one time but now im unbanned iv waited 2years to acess and play it and now im playing on a internet cafe i dont have a pc and theres only one router that all pcs are connected to and fishao is popular here in philipines and when i go acess the game it has white page look and i think i been ip banned but why i didnt do anything i promise i really want to play the game i already miss my friends so pls tell me why or unban me i swear i didnt curse or something or maybe its a error pls help me help.jpg
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    Either have you or anyone on your network done something that have made that IP number banned from fishao servers. It takes a lot for that i will say..


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