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    Question FISHAO on FOG doesn't load

    Hello, I have discovered Fishao on FOG (freeonlinegames) and played there since then.. like 2 years ago. ...actually, I think it took me a few months to even know there was a "" website. Anyway, since last week, this is what we get :


    my guess is that an update has been done on the game and that site isn't taking it into account, maybe the name of the flash embed, I don't know. The other issue is that when I try to contact the site, I get this :


    Fact is, it does not ask for a captcha ! ...and yes, I tried without an adblocker, I tried with Chrome and Firefox, same stuff...
    By googling a little, the last posts on Twitter and Facebook from FOG dates back to February.

    So... anyone has any clue about this ? is that it? all players that used to play FISHAO there are screwed ?
    (I know that, for some reason, you can't transfer accounts from FOG to ..I remember reading a thread here a while ago with someone asking stuff like that)

    Thanks for any infos / help to get this solved out.

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    I have sent you a private message for a few questions

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    I have the same problem

    I played Fishao for nearly 2 years on FOG. I spent a lot of money on the game and now it's not working anymore. That happend some weeks ago around the time the other guys also got problems.

    After the FOG login I get "An error has occurred while loading this game. Please, reload the page."

    I updated the flash player, reset the cache and cookies. Nothing worked. I'm using Chrome (Version 67.0.3396.99 (64-Bit)), but I got the same problem with the IE.

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    sorry about that, fog does not support FISHAO anymore, please send me a pm with your game name and your email, we will arrange that you can play again soon

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    Thank you very much. I sent you a pm.


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