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    Sorry everyone, the tech team is informed and I hope they can fix it soon

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    Thank you Pip28 and the tech team for fixing this game so quickly, you are very efficient.

    We are a 'funny' lot of people that we miss this game so much when it goes down - haha

    Happy fishing everyone.
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    It will not run game just write loading..

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    is it only for me or others have the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimdalax View Post
    is it only for me or others have the same?
    Looks like it's just you bro.

    Can you get in the game now?
    If not, then your account has a bug, and we'd have to inform the tech team.

    I hope you can sign in now.

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    ty for reply, my bro. it had to reload the game many times to go into 1 area.... i am already online now and it seems it doesnt do that again... for now

    - nope still have it i was too fast to say it
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    tyvm stirs and all that help me with this i think is fixed.

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    I haven't been able to get on with chrome for about a month. I was getting on with firefox for a while but now that won't finish loading game either.

    This is were i get with chrome:


    This is how far i get with firefox:


    I cleared my cache and cookies in chrome and still nothing

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    Hi casey21, is that your player name: casey21. I checked, the account works fine, it has to be something at your end. Maybe updating Adobe Flash can help.

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    yes thats me. ok i will try that. I believe i know how do it in firefox but chrome i don't know


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