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    ideas you will love

    Hello to everyonei'm new player in fishao and i have some ideas.

    When u are new player its so hard to play cause u need to collect fish coins for line than u need to collect fish coins for tree in backyard . Than u have task like u need to catch fish 100 cm and above ... For that task i need at least line 6+lvl and at least good rod 150 cm+ (good player need idk maybe big rod). Last three 3 days i get mission to catch long tail tuna (its not possible cause i don't have tune lure and i need to unlock that fish)...and many other things...

    So i have few ideas:

    1. Daily missions - maybe insert skip button (change that mission for different mission) and put price for that maybe 100-500 fb.
    *Its so hard to get baits when u are little level and when i can not finish daily task its so hard to continue to play , u can only fish with boring bread and simple rod. So put that and I'm sure people will love that.

    2. Baits - put some lures or insects that u can buy it for fish bux like vegetal. At least one thing , worms or something like that.
    *Low levels have a mission to participate and win tournament (we need some gadget and baits and better rod for that )

    3. Rod - maybe give us better rod for fish bux or upgrade big rod. Power 120 cm (cause task catch 100 cm+) , 100 times , cost 600 fish bux or 6 fish coins.
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    sorry for my bad english btw


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