HY i am Ashan Malik (0_FISHING_0) i have Idea hope u will act upon this idea
1. Discounts
i want to say that there should be discounts on stuff in game because it is very hard to collect 1500 fishcoins for fishao ROD and buy different baits ,gadgets and extra stuff
i am saying this because many of my school friends and cousin left this game because they were not able to spend money on game i know that the aim of online game is to earn money for developing game but dont u think that there should be discounts
im not asking for discount everyday just on those special day like i.NEW YEAR ii. Aniversary of game (releasing date of game)
with this game people will play game more that before because they will think that: discounts are coming lets collect currency
once they buy rod then they will never left the game because now they have fishao rod they can catch new fishes and bigger than before