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    Post Ads on the fishao site+donations!

    Every day fishao has over 1000+ views on their site( you could use for advertising that would bring you money.
    1.Go to on,enter your name and password and click on login.

    2.Once you click on the login, you will be taken to the window with the advertisement you need to click and wait.

    3.When you watched the commercial,there will be two new options(click to play or click to donate).

    4.If you click on play It will take you to the game,If you click on donations It will take to donations site(if you donate,you will continue to play after the donation).

    5.This can help the game so that it gets new things!
    Zvanični srpski sajt za sve novosti iz sveta
    Zvanična srpska Fishao

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    It's a great idea though advertising can put aside while we play a game and so on!Maybe you could be advertised by various verified blogs and Facebook pages that write about Fishao and you for them to give a monthly fee in the form of coins(example from 100 to 500 fish coins).It was good.

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    This is just an example, there are other things as an online Fishao magazine and more...
    Zvanični srpski sajt za sve novosti iz sveta
    Zvanična srpska Fishao

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    But should only reward those who have over 100 posts and that exist for a minimum of one year.I did not mean all the pages that were created a day ago and are not active...


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