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    Unhappy Stolen Shoes - G3T_R3KT

    Lana897 stolen my 2.0 shoes.. please give me it back.. i have proofs

    Look this site-->

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    Tag mod, so that they can see it easily,,,
    Mousumi Sumi

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    This is no proof, your account was full banned 1 month ago, so nobody could have stolen anything. Don't make false accusations
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    See logs..

    - - - Updated - - -

    a month ago she stole me..

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    I previously lost over 4,000 shells while collecting them with two other players. One mod referred me to
    another where I was offered 25fc in compensation. A generous act, it could have easily have been a total
    loss. Allow those in the position of Authority to perform to their standards of goodwill and fairness.
    The system can only work when allowed.
    I miss mydogownsme!


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