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    Didn't receive event coins

    In the recent catch the most 5 star fish event that ended 12 hours prior to this post, I received a notice from Fishao that I had finished #3 in the event but the players who received coins are not listed in the notice and I didn't receive any coins for my #3 place finish as checked in the Fish coins logs.

    Could someone please check my account and add the coins I have won?

    Thank You

    Player name: FisherManBach

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    Normally FISHAO don't reimburse for technical errors, but decided to make an exception this time.
    So I'm glad I can send you coins, just did it, it will not appear in your coin logs but you will notice ;-)
    Fngers crossed this won't happen again

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    Thank you Pip28! I see in the bugtracker forum that I wasn't the only one who didn't get their coins for the event. In several years playing Fishao, between Herb dailies, money tree coins, ben, winning in events, etc. this is the first time I can remember that this ever happened, a testament to the accuracy of the Fishao game payment systems.

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    Hello. I also did not get coins from this event. Thank you.


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    Hi owdy,

    We need more info. In what position did you end up? Is owdy also your in-game username?

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    Nie dostałam monet za wydarzenie 5* , zajełam 26 miejsce

    I did not receive coins for the 5 * event, I took 26th place


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    Hi Irena57, I sent you the coins now.

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    I am sorry :-). I got to 16th place and my name is Qwdy :-). Thank you.

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    Hi owdy, I sent you coins to your account


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