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    Unlocked new fishes on lucky raft...

    Hello guys,
    I play Fishao from some time and I discovered a lot of stuff and details... My problem is linked with lucky raft and "unlocked" new fish... After I open "luchy raft" was discovered/unlocked some fishes... In time I play on lucky raft many times, more fc's, not regulary game... But from around one year or more... I don't unlocked any new fish...
    My game account is on name "galbenpal". Please, can somebody to check what happend?
    PS. I have unlocked 12 fishes from 21... If you check my log, you will see when I'm unlocked last fish... More than that, I have played a lot of time... I really don't understanding what happend...

    Thank you

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    Hi galbenpal,

    I don't think there is anything wrong with your account, at some time in the past the game owners changed the odds of winning things on the wheel and after they did that unlocking a new fish seems to happen about as often as you will win a monster bait. (using free daily spins only).

    Now you will need to spend hundreds of coins on paid spins if you wish to unlock the rest of your raft fish, or wait perhaps many years of free spins to also unlock them. The odds change greatly in your favor to win things when you are spending coins for spins, the last time I spent 500 coins on raft spins I got 3 monster baits, unlocked a couple fish, and won a bunch of coins/gadgets.

    On free spins it took me about 400 spins to get 1 monster bait, only 50 paid spins to get 3 monster bait.

    Perhaps this was necessary to keep the game profitable, we will never know for sure, unless of course one of the admins/owners of the game choose to let us in on their little secret.

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    ok... I will see how to osrt it out that problem... thank you for your answer...


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