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Thread: i won't rude

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    i won't rude

    Sisca ban me saying that i was rude.
    from morning one guy is saying rude words to me that time she didnot ban him and she is banning me
    Admin is mod work is only banning and not evening knowing truth
    She could give me warning

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    Well you are right she could give a warning to you.

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    Truly said, as a mod she is not supportive at all... most of the time ban most player without Waring for some minor issues
    but others mod r not like her.`

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    raj2109, or you change your attitude! Your list with warnings is longer than from earth to sun, so don't say you had no warning :P Don't lie

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    i donot got any warning before getting ban mod she ban me for just saying a word like jealous

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    Hy sir this guy is right and this mod is not good I'm not saying this for support this guy its happened to me one day sisca mod was on beach I came to her and asked her how to open little Rio(when I was new) she did not reply me and when I start walking around her to get a answer from her she did not gave me a single warning and I got a permanent ban
    As a mod she have to help us especially new players this is her work this is why she is a mod

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    As Pip28 replied that you have been receiving many warnings and I think it deserves you, Sisca is just doing her job as a moderator tho.
    IGN: Vincey__


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