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    проблема с игрой

    привет всем) мои друзья не могут 7 дней зайти в игру((( они играли из социальной сети "Одноклассники.ру".возможно ли как-то вернуть их в игру,потрачено много сил,денег ,времени и т.д.как им помочь????

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    Please post only in english in this part of the forum.

    With help of google translate I think I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately the only thing they can do now is to create new accounts on

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    thanks for the reply) I was told that there were cases when players were transferred from social networks to can this be done?

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    do you suggest starting the game first ?? level 231 !!! 218 !!!! Would you start the game again?

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