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    Angry Problem....

    I have a problem when I came out of the game, I had 220 coins and everything was fine. But when I returned about 10 in the morning, I only had 10 coins, checked the logs and saw that someone spent my coins on a lucky raft (spin). I changed my password right away, and since then I have had no problems. You should ask me about this if it's possible.If possible, give me my coins back.
    Thank you for your understanding!

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    Hi York_Fish, I checked your account, and it's very obvious: you should ask your room mates ;-)

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    I do not understand, I was alone at home all day. Nobody had access to my account except me. What should I do ?

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    All dedcutions were made from your PC

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    How is it possible, when I was alone at home all day and nobody had access to my account except me?

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    Check if someone at home has access to your router. I am sure the riddle will be solved somehow.
    So sorry, I can't reimburse your coins.


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