Hi! I'm new on Fishao Forums!
Sorry for bad English, I am from Romania.

This thread will help you fishing in Club Tournaments by giving you advice:

Catch the most Sturgeons: Fish in Aquayama, with 'fish' bait, using the FISHAO rod. This rod is the best for this Tournament.
Catch the most Sharks: 1. Fish in Sibiri City, with 'fish' bait , using any rod stronger than the Golden one. ( You will catch the Tope Shark)
2. Fish in Palm Island , with 'shark bait' , using any rod stronger than the Golden one.
Catch the most Catfish : Fish in Mystic Desert, with 'dough' bait , using any rod, (even the boring , bamboo rod)
Breed the most fish: You just need a lot of Fishbucks and some luck.
Catch the most fish: Just fish.
Catch the most 2-star fish: Fish everywhere, I think you can catch 2-star fish without a guide.
Catch the most 3-star fish: If you fish with Dough, here are some recommended areas: Pinheria Beach, Laketown , Mystic Desert.
Catch the most 4-star fish: You can catch a lot of 4-star fishes with Dough in Mystic Desert(Ariidae) . Also , you can catch in Saltwater from the Club.
Catch the most 5-star fish: Have a look on Fishao Wiki about 5-star fish. I wish you be lucky and catch one for the tournament!

Some of the tournaments are missing , like " Catch the most size of fish". Help me complete the list!