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    Cool Guide: Club Tournaments

    Hi! I'm new on Fishao Forums!
    Sorry for bad English, I am from Romania.

    This thread will help you fishing in Club Tournaments by giving you advice:

    Catch the most Sturgeons: Fish in Aquayama, with 'fish' bait, using the FISHAO rod. This rod is the best for this Tournament.
    Catch the most Sharks: 1. Fish in Sibiri City, with 'fish' bait , using any rod stronger than the Golden one. ( You will catch the Tope Shark)
    2. Fish in Palm Island , with 'shark bait' , using any rod stronger than the Golden one.
    Catch the most Catfish : Fish in Mystic Desert, with 'dough' bait , using any rod, (even the boring , bamboo rod)
    Breed the most fish: You just need a lot of Fishbucks and some luck.
    Catch the most fish: Just fish.
    Catch the most 2-star fish: Fish everywhere, I think you can catch 2-star fish without a guide.
    Catch the most 3-star fish: If you fish with Dough, here are some recommended areas: Pinheria Beach, Laketown , Mystic Desert.
    Catch the most 4-star fish: You can catch a lot of 4-star fishes with Dough in Mystic Desert(Ariidae) . Also , you can catch in Saltwater from the Club.
    Catch the most 5-star fish: Have a look on Fishao Wiki about 5-star fish. I wish you be lucky and catch one for the tournament!

    Some of the tournaments are missing , like " Catch the most size of fish". Help me complete the list!


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    Very good info for players!

    The only thing I want to add is that for most sharks, you can also fish in Little Rio with cherries to catch Black Sharkminnow, it also counts as a shark towards the club shark totals.

    and also be careful if fishing in Pinheira beach for sharks during the club shark tournament, because the Spotted Wobbegang doesn't count towards club shark totals.
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