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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly Love View Post
    I was saying about trading with rods , baits and gadgets that is not a good idea for trading them after level 120...
    But after reading Stir's post , I agree with him : "I don't think trading of gadgets, baits, fc's should ever come back .. that will be abused very easily.. you will see players with 40k Shark lures, and 40k Pre-historic baits. ahahaaaaa.. "
    Do not you understand?
    A lot of players would like this to happen. The one who misuses this will be punished if this is returned.
    The option would be good, for many players would motivate them to fish and reach the level of 120 to be able to trade.
    I would like you to stop commenting on something you do not understand. You did not play the game when that option was possible...
    While this option was in the game, there were more and more players every day. The option if it was returned, game get a lot of new players

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    I also agree with you Lilly.. trading of rods would be best for lower level, brand new players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by York_Fish View Post
    .... The one who misuses this will be punished if this is returned...
    Well, that's why they stopped the trading of those items.. I wasn't around then, I wasn't even a player.. but from what I've read on here, and have heard, when those items were allowed to be traded practically EVERYONE in the game was loading up their main accounts with baits, gadgets, etc..

    so do we then ban everyone?

    By the time a player is level 120, they already have a good idea of the game, and are on the way to finishing upgrading their tree (to level 6 or 10), and saving for Fishao rod.

    It's the completely new low level players who would benefit most from getting some better rods.. it would help them fish in other areas other than beach and club (without losing 100cm type fish).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    .. trading of rods would be best for lower level, brand new players.

    I agree with you .. That's good, but gadgets would not be bad.


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