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    Angry Not possible time!!!

    The problem is players ''Fishing_Monster and Luke_Hobbs''
    Player is today play 3 tournaments race (magic 15) and create Impossible time... First race is created 2:18 time...Second race again 2:18 time (but player is stop on the 3 gate, and wait me 6 second, so time is 2:12 IMPOSSIBLE!) I have screenshot for all race with him...Many complain about him... Let him be punished... Its not fair ..

    For Luke_Hobbs;
    Player is today create IMPOSSIBLE TIME 2:17 without running shoes 2.0, and today is stop on the 3rd gate and wait 3-4 seconds, so time is 2:14/2:13 without running shoes 2.0, its IMPOSSIBLE...

    The same this one player (Luke_Hobbs) is before 6-8 months create EXTRA IMPOSSIBLE TIME 2:08....Let him punished ... Its not fair ..


    For Luke_Hobbs (on this race he is wait on 3rd gate 3-4 seconds without running shoes 2.0;
    For Fishing_Monster;
    For Fishing_Monster (2) on this race he is wait on 3rd gate 6 seconds;
    For Luke_Hobbs (2) on this race is create EXTRA IMPOSSIBLE TIME (2:08);

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    My friend send screenshot....
    Fishing_Monster time: 2:15 without running shoes 2.0 .......

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    2.08..i make that time with my son account under the supervision oh owners of that game for routine stop once for all and if you want play and beat that time...try to buy suitable professional mouse and a very good internet conection and you will see is possible
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