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    Exclamation spanish server moderation

    Hi friends,
    I am a spanish player as many of you and I would like to discuss about some issues that have been developing in our server since a long time ago. I think as many of you, that the server has lost a great amount of its potential mainly due to the lack of a strong leadership in the moderation team.
    Unfortunately, I never see them on the beach in the time when there are more players , this have produced too many unfair situations for the players who are really interested in the game and who love it. There has been a lot of cheating,cussing,fights,unfair bans,mainly due to the lack of leadership in the server, since THERE ARE NO RULES.
    I don't think that moderators should be 24/7 because that is impossible , but i want them to be more friends with us, not only to be there for giving bans , I want they to do their job properly for evrybody to have fun as it used to be .Also, I consider that this situation CAN´T CONTINUE and some changes should be made to make the game and our server great again.Maybe in the players who are moddrators , or maybe in their behavior or whatever change you all consider.
    I would like to know you opinion friends,I am sure that many of you think as equal as me .

    Best regards,

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    Hello, I agree with you,I want the server to be the same again, I want changes, especially I want to be to listened by moderators! , I do not agree as the current moderation is doing its work, they have neglected our dear server...

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    Hello .. I also agree on that .. Not that we ask for 24/7 but that would be a good option, it would also be good if our server is as before .. Most of the players go for lack of attention of the moderators .. or ban unfair to his person .. We only want change!

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    Hello guys ,
    I have been playing this game for so long and I have to agree with you all in most of the points.I have had to ask help from other moderators who are not the spanish ones because players who are lower lvl come to me looking for someone to help them.Sadly, sometimes some moderators resfuse to help us saying "that is spanish mods responsability, I can´t deal with it"...which I completely understand..I dont know I think something should be done with this issue..

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    Well, first of all a greeting to all and my question is that where are the moderators, you never see the face of anyone in the game and when you have a doubt sometimes they do not help and they do not solve anything, they do not give information, and when they do they say "Go to facebook and discuss your doubts there" and when you go and ask is the same they never answer what you ask, I do not know if they have realized that they are giving full ban at random, they gave Complete a friend who almost did not enter the game without any reason or even a warning sent to him to know what he was doing wrong, I suggest a change in moderation, someone who does a job well and is aware of everything and they are applied to solve doubts and problems and to be seen on the beach even if it is 2 of them, because there is never a single one on the beach, it has been a long time since a moderator has been seen on the beach, so if the moderators no longer can continue to do their job as is due to lack of time it is better to choose others who are responsible for doing the job as it should be, because the Spanish server 1 is out of orbit many enter is to insult with multiple accounts and they do not give them and the innocents give it without Any reason that can not continue like this, sirs, the Cesky 1 I take the trouble to go and remains a united server and very active and whenever I go I see their moderators and Spanish 1 is not even the shadow of what was before, so let's suggest a change for the players that if we really like the game, I hope more people join this request, greetings to all!
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    Good. !! I would like to remind you that it is a server where everyone enjoys the way that suits you best with respect to avoid inconvenience, but lately the server has been very careless by the moderators who are, careless in what sense. Pss already explained. first they are never present when they are needed in any situation and if they are asked never do anything, another serious things happen in the server that do not receive consequences and practically in the end they end up paying with ban other players that without need receive just for saying any minimal word or so, what we ask the players and those who really like the game is to make improvements to improve everything on the server the truth I feel very envious of other servers that if they have the presence of those who are made charge of any problem that happens. Before the Spanish server was one of the best where one could enjoy a lot chatting with friends joking fishing etc ... What we need are improvements we ask for changes in the whole server. The truth would be much appreciated if the game had improvements Woau would be fantastic to return to those times where one could enjoy as I would like. Do not take these proposals from us as a few messages. The truth we need answers and changes many things happen and nobody does anything for that.

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    Hello friends!
    The service provided by the moderators of the Spanish server: I consider that the work provided by the majority of the moderators of the Spanish server denigrates, since they do not show the concrete interest for the problems presented by the users of the game. It is worth noting that there are users who do not play correctly. Attentive to events, tournaments of all kinds, the unblocking of fish, the cooperation that must exist between the players, if not only defame and insult other players, causing an emotional imbalance for others, and when the player's help is needed. The moderators, are absent or show apathy for it, when the help is really necessary, they take the user as insistent and modest, so they do not have a good concept of them, and I would like to see a change in this problem, because it is in the occasions in which they give up completely unjustly and when they request a justification for not committing the error that caused the prohibition, they can not even inform the moment of the prohibition .. I hope your help soon by a Spanish server BETTER !!!

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    Several of these posts in this thread are written by new accounts created or used on the same computer. Which leads me to believe that this is not a big problem on the Spanish server. In fact it seems to be one or two people writing all of this.

    Sure, we will see to it that we keep as active mods as possible, Admin Pip28 even talked to the spanish team manager about it. Unfortunately, these kinds of threads does not make matters credible.

    Closing thread.


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