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    Guide : What NPCS are useful?


    We all know that the game is full of NPCS. Some of them are Very useful (Herb , Bob etc) , but others are very useless like Ayo(thombani)

    This thread is about the useful and useless NPCS. Enjoy!

    Ben - Useful (He gives sometimes a fishcoin!)
    Rudy - Useful , just for new players (He gives advise)
    Martin - Useless ( He only says BLUUUH!)
    Jamie - Useful ( He is the baker. He gives you bread every time you want)
    Carp - Useful ( He sells decorations)
    Adam - Useful (He lets you enjoy the Trout Farm , but yor have to pay 3 Fishcoins..)

    Pinheria Beach
    Mitch - Useful ( He tells you the perfect bait for different fish on the Beach)
    Damian- Useful ( He tells you what is the perfect fishing spot)
    Helena - Useless ( She only tells you that she hates to swim)
    John - Useful ( You can sell him fish at the Fish Market)
    Rick - Useful ( You can sell him all the fish at once at the Fish Market)
    Jessy - Useless ( She is in the Fish Market. She only tells you that she is waiting to sell her Blue Marlin)

    Rio Tropical
    Madu - Useful (He gives you the Cherry bait , but only once , then he becomes useless)
    Bob - Useful ( He gives you 10 fishcoins weekly)
    Rodney - Useless ( He only tells you something about bananas)

    Cool Mountain
    Linea - Useful ( She lets you go on the raft)
    Bjorn - Useless (He only tells you something about big fish)
    Vasily - Useful ( you can sell him things that you don't need anymore)
    Coral - Useful ( She gives you the "fish" bait when you give her 50 shells)
    Thomas - Useless (He is on the Raft. He only tells you to wear a life jacket)

    Mystic Desert
    Seth - Useful ( He gives you acces to the pyramid)
    Akill - Useless ( He says ridiculous things)
    Daris - Useless ( Although he says smarter things than Akill)
    Builder Bob - Useful ( He is in the Furniture factory and he can build you the second floor)
    The other builder (Russel) - Useful ( He gives you each 48 hours a decoration, )

    Sibiri City
    Agloolik - Useless ( He tells you that the water isn't frozen forever, but you figured this out)
    Nanook - Useful ( When you talk the first time with him , he gives you 5 fishcoins, then it becomes useless)
    Kaskae - Useful (He tells you if you are in top 10 for catching the biggest fish in Sibiri in the last 24 hours)

    Sid - Useful ( He gives you meat)
    Jin - Useless ( He only says '?' )
    Hai - Useless ( HE says something about his rice fields)

    Seagull Harbor
    The Sailors - Useful (They give you access to the boat , but for a little price...)
    Mave - Useful (Only once , when unlocking Lost Valley)

    Thombani Town
    All of them are USELESS

    Shiny - Useful ( She unlocks you the shiny fish)
    Steve - Useful (He helps you unlocking the Lost Valley , only available after level 125)

    Palm Island
    Jahni - Useful (He crushes your fruits and you can get energy , bait , fishbucks or unlocking fish!)

    Rex - Useful (He breeds fish for you)

    Herb - Useful ( When you complete his mission he gives you 2 ,3 or 4 fishcoins)

    Hope it was useful!
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    In the Furniture Factory, When you First go to the Furniture Factory the other builder says his name is Russell. Also, you forgot Thomas on the raft in Cool Mountain. He is useless because he only tells you to were a life jacket.

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    Also, In Sibiri City inside the igloo, there is an NPC named Kaskae. He is useful because when you click on him, he tells you if you are in the top 10 for catching the biggest fish in Sibiri City in the last 24 hours.

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    Ibell999 , the list has been updated!
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