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    Cool Daily Activities To Do

    Good morning people. Here are some guides for your day-to-day activity in the game. These tips and guides will help you on maximising your baits, time and your coins.

    NOTE: I assume that you have collected your free cherry bait from Madu at Rio and your free 5 coins from Nanook at Sibiri so no need to put them at the daily list. They are ONLY TO BE PERFORMED ONCE.

    1. FINDING HERB: Of course, you have to search for Herb to do your quest, which yields 2-4 coins a day. Use the forum thread to help you find his daily locations: A level 120 player who has access to Palm Island will have a GUARANTEED quest from Herb. If you are under-leveled and Herb went to a level-exclusive area where you cannot access due to being under-leveled or did not pay the place (Palm Island), sumimasen deshita.

    2. THE PYRAMID KEEPER: Find Seth. He is the pharaoh at Mystic Desert who gives you a free 5-minute time EVERY 24 HOURS. If you are a daily player, try spamming Seth's time extension so that you can have a very, very long time inside the pyramid. This is very helpful to the players who want to participate in a pyramid event (i.e. Golden Arowana event) since they will not bother pay 5 coins over and over again to Seth, which is a waste of time and coins. Doing this at a very early period will give you a long-term benefit. I am REALLY NOT KIDDING if I told all of you that I have currently accumulated over 1,100 hours in the pyramid by doing this method.

    3. The FREE DECOR: Still at the Desert, come to the deco shop EVERY 48 HOURS for a free decor, which can be sold if you have too many decors of the same kind (ex. 40 soccer lamps).

    4. BOB THE GIVER: Once a week, go to Bob and do the 10-coin quest. Find all 10 coins scattered AROUND THE MAP. Do not just find coins at Bob's land side. You should cross the bridge to find more coins (as this was my funny mistake, ending up only 4 coins obtained). To solve this problem, reduce the size of the game itself down to 25% (Press Ctrl and you can either scroll down your mouse or Ctrl and the (+) button) for you to see the ENTIRE MAP.

    5. MONEY GROWS ON TREES: Collect coins EVERY 24 HOURS, just like Seth.

    6. CHINA SELLS MEATS: Once you have unlocked Aquayama, find Sid EVERY 10 DAYS to receive 10 meat baits. This is very helpful for an Albino Catfish, rather wasting coins to buy meat bait. It is a very good investment if you start earlier.

    7. LUCKY 777 (FOR PAYING PLAYERS ONLY): Just like #5, return EVERY 24 HOURS. If you are not a paying player, sumimasen deshita.


    1. Always visit your logs to check for the dates when you collected coins (for 4 and 5).

    2. Have a sticky note for you to note the days have passed since you did 3 and 6 for you to maximize the collection time for the free items. Try including the day, hour and minute.

    You may add some more information and corrections for my guide. Thank you very much!
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    Nice rough list
    Good work !

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    may add something:
    check daily quest, do it if its doable (might be a little hassle)
    check events, participate if you can (like collecting seashells, fruits, catching easy fish, etc), i got 8 fc yesterday from catching fruits but its really intense ;-)


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