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    Fossils Marketplace

    Players who have reached level 125 and have completed Lost Valley 1 can start to collect fossils to complete collections and unlock fishes in Lost Valley 2. Trading fossils with other players and helping each other to complete collections is very important, to help you find the fossils you need, and sell the fossils you have duplicate, we have launched a fossils marketplace tool!

    With this tool you can easily find the fossils you need and arrange a moment to trade with the seller. You can also sell fossils, with a simple form you can add a fossil offer and define a price in fishbucks. All fossils have a minimum and maximum price range with the actual prices (these are updated constantly), that way you won't overpay, or sell your fossils for too few bucks!

    If you want to help us improve this tool you can join the FISHAO Discord server or send me a message.

    Big thanks to Elltharis, iTrendy and Stirs for helping me with testing and gathering data!

    Good luck with collecting fossils!

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