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    Lost Valley 2 guide

    Could someone write a guide for Lost Valley 2?

    i finish Lost Valley 1 last week ( i complete the collection of Lost Valley 1) and i need some advices with Lost Valley 2

    Some questions

    1. How often Houssam offer a fossil? for example from same days he offer me Cheirolepis E for 307 fishcoins and i dont have enough money for this fossil. When he will offer me another one?

    2. Gregory offer me every week a free fossil? the fossils from Gregory are cheaper then from Houssan or have the same price?

    3. every month the big shark/fish from Palm Island offer a free fossil? or offer only a free fossil of Megalodon? If today offer Megalodon A next month offer a different Megalodon or could offer again Megalodon A?

    4. When you have all 5 fossil you can catch that fish? or you need to do some more things?

    5. If the shark from Palm offer only Megalodon fossils then when you have all 5 Megalodon fosssils he will offer again Megalodon fossils or he will not offer anything else?

    6.Houssam or Gregory sell you Megalodon fossils?
    7. For catch a fish on Lost Valley 2 luck potion 2 helps? blue radar and so on? is like on all other places?
    8. It's difficult to catch Megalodon? is a very rare fish? but for example Antiarchi ( 2 star fish) ?

    all other advices are welcome
    thancks a lot
    Fishao Ruls

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    Gregory offers you fossils at different intervals, every time he tells you when you can get your next free fossil unless you want to pay in fishcoins. He keeps giving you the same fossils - just like the furniture factory gives you the same common items over and over again. So there are common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary fossils as well. You have to know the value of each fossil so you do not get cheated when trading. I see that even Houssam can be a cheater... The Cheirolepis fossils are among the commonest possible ones and the price of 307 fc is really outrageous when you can even get them for free.
    My advice is to make a registration for the Fishao Fossils Marketplace and spend some time just observing and comparing prices. Prices are the best indication of the rarity of a fossil. The most common fossils cost between 500 and 4000 fishbucks but there are some that can fetch many hundreds of thousands. When I started dealing with the problem of fossils, I found some information about prices and rarity here on the forum, but it is mostly outdated. You'd better rely on the new Fishao Fossils Marketplace - there is a link to it somewhere on the forum. Or you can just google it.
    The shark on Palm Island gives you only Megalodon fossils. I have received Megalodon fossils from Gregory too. When you unlock a fish with the five fossils, you can catch it right away but you keep receiving them, although you do not need them any longer. It is like a lottery.
    When you open an account with the marketplace, you will get a personal page - My Fossils - on which you can keep track of what you have. Be patient and lie low for some time until you collect three or four fossils for some fish and then try to find the missing one or two fossils from other players on the market to complete the collection and unlock the fish. The easiest species to unlock are the Cheirolepis, Platysomus and Megalodon - all fossils for them are very common and you can get some of them for free or buy all of them from other players for 500 to 2000 fishbucks apiece.
    Fishing in Lost Valley 2 is like fishing anywhere else, only more expensive, because the bait is expensive and they are a bit fussy, like the fish in the Pyramid and the Pirate Cave, for example. To catch the Megalodon you'd better use a power booster as well because even a Fishao rod and a maxed line can be weak for a big specimen. I caught him at my first try because I had only 3 unlocked species. I suppose that the more fishes you have unlocked, the more unlikely it will be to hook exactly a Megalodon.
    I cannot help you with information about Houssam as I have not dealt with him yet. I know that he offers you only fossils that you don't have and I will go to him only if I am really desperate for some fossil, which won't happen soon. However, judging by that Cheirolepis fossil you mentioned, his prices are no criterion for the rarity and true value of a fossil.
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    Congratulations on the finish Lost Valley I !

    1. He changes the offer every 7 days. And it always offers different fossils.

    2. It can give you a fossil of 2 days up to 14 days. It is a matter of luck. If you are lucky you will get a free fossil that is worth a lot. Houssan offers you fossils you don't have. So it can offer you a 5k fossil for 400 fc.

    3. Every 40 days I appear. It always gives megalodon fossils. It can happen to give you the same.

    4. That's right. As soon as you collect 5 different fossils from the same fish, you get a badge right away and you can catch it right away.

    5. That's right. He only gives megalodon fossils.

    6. Houssam offers you fossils you don't have .. So it can offer megalodon fossils for a lot of coins. At Gregory you can get any fossil..

    7. Of course it can be a luck potion. The radars don't work there.

    8. It's hard to catch because it's big .. You have to have a strong string to catch it ...

    I hope i helped you, good luck in solving it Lost Valley II . All the best.


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